USTM Corporation
Intellectual Property Management




Portfolio Management
USTM manages your intellectual property portfolio by researching the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Secretary's of State as well as foreign intellectual property offices for all properties titled to the business entity. Status is acquired and deadline dates established for outstanding responses or maintenance and renewal. Next a detailed plan based deadlines established by the governing agency is provided giving you an overview of all upcoming actions.

USTM researches trademarks, copyrights and patents for confusingly similar properties that could be interpreted as a conflict and block an application.

Legal Document Preparation
For law firms, or self-directing business entities, USTM can prepare documents for nearly every situation related to the registration process for domestic federal and state trademarks, copyrights, and provisional patents. USTM has an attorney review the documents prepared and all questionnaires and processes used were created by attorneys and are based on the US Patent and Trademark Office Guidelines, individual state agencies or, in the case of international filings, the governing agency for the subject country.

In cases where legal representation is needed or desired, we can recommend attorneys we currently work for managing their client's portfolios based on your specific need.